Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I obviously haven't updated this in a looooong time, but hopefully that will soon change.  I am hoping that this summer I will have time to work on some of my art.  That was what I was hoping last summer until my full-time job became finding/applying/interviewing for a real full-time job and I didn't have any time left to make anything. :(  So I am putting it out there that if you want or need anything, let me know because this summer I am going to make sure I find the time!  Even if you want to make a special order for Christmas!  I have a few things I need to make for some people already, but after that I am just going to start creating whatever I feel like (until you tell me to make something)!  Also, I do not have any clay creations right now on hand.  I have either sold all of them of given them as gifts, but if you like one of the old ones I can make you another one! Thanks!

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