Monday, January 2, 2012

Recent things....

These past few months have been really crazy, so unfortunately I have not had a lot of time to make anything.  I didn't even get to make any Christmas figures to sell, but did find some time to make a few small gifts.  So here are some random things that I have, special orders, or older pictures of things that I have found.  Hopefully my schedule will free up in the next few months so I can work on a few special orders I have.  If you want to order something, now may be a good time : )

Here is a fun, over-the-top vintage ornament I had to make for my husband to give his co-worker for their ornament exchange.  Think I might need to make some more.

Made these ornaments as gifts for my friend, Amy, of her babies! I was so excited to give them to her.  She loved them!  These were so fun to make.

                                 These cat pins were for my co-worker, Peggy, as a retirement gift.

Made this little Thanksgiving Squirrel as a special order for my Aunt Nancy.

Forgot about this one that I never posted.  Sold him last Easter.

Still have this little guy! For sale for $13.

Cupcakes for birthdays!

    SOLD and SOLD.
Thanks Eva and Diane!

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