Saturday, August 31, 2013

Well, it has been a few months now, and maybe I didn't get as much done as I had wanted, but here is proof that I at least accomplished SOME things this summer!  I got to make a couple clay sculptures but also found time to make a few gifts for friends and update my place a little bit!
Here is cupcake custom ordered by a friend to give as a gift!  Around the side is a small ribbon banner that says "Because You're Special".

These next two were custom orders from a family friend.  The first is a vintage Halloween Cat with candy corn teeth...and lots of glitter per customer request!  You might think he is a little creepy, but I love creepy, vintage Halloween decorations!

The next one is a cow jumping over the moon for her 2-year old son.  I attached the cow by using a dowel rod then wrapped it in glitter ribbon.  Hope it looks good in his room!

Here is an awesome Pinterest project I tried in our guest room.  If you have a boring wall and don't want to paint or wallpaper, you need to try this!  I got heavy duty fabric and cut it into the shape of a headboard.  I taped it to the wall (or you can pin it) and then painted it with liquid starch.  After it dries you take the tape off and it sticks to the wall!  Apparently when you want to take it down it should easily peel off.  As you can see, Maisie enjoys it too, as she thinks this is HER bed.

Another Pinterest project in the guest room on top of my new awesome mirrored dresser.

I redid two nightstands for our bedroom that used to belong to Nick's grandparents.  They were his Mom's nightstands when she was little.  I used a bright yellow and teal and replaced the drawer pulls.  See that top pattern?  I used one stencil and moved it over and over again to fill the entire top.  It took awhile but I'd say it was worth it.  (Sorry for the bad quality picture.  It is off of my phone.)

I made this little sign for my friend's new baby girl who was born in August.

Another not-so-great quality photo, but this is a painting I made as a gift for my friend of her horse, Felix.  It was so nice and relaxing to have time to paint!


On my visit home to Ohio, I was forced :) to make Christmas sculptures for my Mom to use as decorations this year when her house is on the Christmas Home Tour.  She was very specific that she wanted a tall, skinny woodland Santa with a long robe and a walking stick.  Soooo picky!  Of course I totally forgot to take a picture of it after it was all painted, so you can just enjoy this creepy eye-less Santa.
Here is Santa with his 3 large snowman friends.  I taught my Mom how to make sculptures using papier mache so we would stay up late making these every night.  I have never made anything this big so it was a challenge, but we had fun!  Lots of slap happy moments.

I had to include this hilarious picture of my Mom's Alfred Hitchcock Snowman.  Doesn't it look like his profile? Hahaha!

And this last one is of a pretty bouquet I made with flowers from my Mom's garden for a wonderful friend.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I obviously haven't updated this in a looooong time, but hopefully that will soon change.  I am hoping that this summer I will have time to work on some of my art.  That was what I was hoping last summer until my full-time job became finding/applying/interviewing for a real full-time job and I didn't have any time left to make anything. :(  So I am putting it out there that if you want or need anything, let me know because this summer I am going to make sure I find the time!  Even if you want to make a special order for Christmas!  I have a few things I need to make for some people already, but after that I am just going to start creating whatever I feel like (until you tell me to make something)!  Also, I do not have any clay creations right now on hand.  I have either sold all of them of given them as gifts, but if you like one of the old ones I can make you another one! Thanks!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Recent things....

These past few months have been really crazy, so unfortunately I have not had a lot of time to make anything.  I didn't even get to make any Christmas figures to sell, but did find some time to make a few small gifts.  So here are some random things that I have, special orders, or older pictures of things that I have found.  Hopefully my schedule will free up in the next few months so I can work on a few special orders I have.  If you want to order something, now may be a good time : )

Here is a fun, over-the-top vintage ornament I had to make for my husband to give his co-worker for their ornament exchange.  Think I might need to make some more.

Made these ornaments as gifts for my friend, Amy, of her babies! I was so excited to give them to her.  She loved them!  These were so fun to make.

                                 These cat pins were for my co-worker, Peggy, as a retirement gift.

Made this little Thanksgiving Squirrel as a special order for my Aunt Nancy.

Forgot about this one that I never posted.  Sold him last Easter.

Still have this little guy! For sale for $13.

Cupcakes for birthdays!

    SOLD and SOLD.
Thanks Eva and Diane!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Ratty for sale, again.

The Halloween Rat is for sale again.  He was on hold for someone, but now he is available!  I am posting my stuff on Etsy, too.  (For easier payment, and you can get a better description as well.)


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Squirrel gone to a good home.

The Halloween Squirrel has gone to live with his new family!  But the Doggie and Bat still need homes! : ) See pics in previous posts.

SOLD $28

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sold items from craft show on 10.15.11

Would like to share my figures that were sold at the craft show and to friends and family.  Let me know if you really like one or if you would like to place a special order.  Also, please see my previous post for a few that are still for sale!

Crow (SOLD) $26

Cat (SOLD) $28

Ghost (SOLD) $28

Stacked Pumpkins (SOLD) $28

Vintage Cat (SOLD) $32

Vintage Snowman (SOLD) $22

Rat (SOLD) $24

Moon (SOLD) $28

A few Halloween items

Today I was in the St. Gertrude Craft Show in Madeira, OH.  I did not do as well as last year, but it wasn't too bad.  Definitely not as many shoppers at the show this year.  Times are definitely hard!  I have a few left over from the show that are for sale.  They are listed below.  They are the dog, bat, and squirrel.  I also have some from other holidays still available, and remember, I can do special orders! 

Remember:  I need to charge for shipping if I need to send an item, please.

Halloween Squirrel $28

Halloween Bat $22

Halloween Doggie $28

Snowy Owl $28

Valentine Snugglebunnies $28

Valentine Deer $28

Small Easter Bunny $13