Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Sculptures

Penguin (SOLD)

Gingerbread Man (SOLD)

Snowy Owl  $27.00

Rat (SOLD)

Surprised Snowman

Snowman With Holly

Santa (SOLD)

Snowman with Snowbunny

Santa Ornament

Rabbit Ornament

Squirrel Ornament (SOLD)

Deer Ornament (SOLD)

Snowman Head Ornament (SOLD)

Bird Ornament (SOLD)

Snowman with Candy Cane Ornament (SOLD)

Sno"woman" Ornament (SOLD)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Halloween Sculptures

Here are some of my Halloween Papier Mache Sculptures that I had in my first show back in October.  I sold most of them, but take a look at some of my work!  You may see something you like and want to place an order.  Or you may get some good ideas for some other holidays and I can create something for you!
Jack-o-Lantern (SOLD)

Rat (SOLD)

Cat (SOLD)

Black Squirrel (SOLD)

Dog (SOLD)

Owl (SOLD)

Bat (FOR SALE:  $18)

Vintage Cat (SOLD)

Ghost (SOLD)

Moon  (SOLD)

Owl, Bat, and Rat Ornaments (SOLD)

Pumpkins, Ghost, and Cat Ornaments (SOLD)

Pumpkin Ornaments (SOLD)

Fox (SOLD)

Juggling Jack-o-Lantern (SOLD)

Spider (SOLD)

Orange Owl (SOLD)

Mummy (SOLD)

Squirrel (SOLD)

Crow (SOLD)