Sunday, December 19, 2010

Halloween Sculptures

Here are some of my Halloween Papier Mache Sculptures that I had in my first show back in October.  I sold most of them, but take a look at some of my work!  You may see something you like and want to place an order.  Or you may get some good ideas for some other holidays and I can create something for you!
Jack-o-Lantern (SOLD)

Rat (SOLD)

Cat (SOLD)

Black Squirrel (SOLD)

Dog (SOLD)

Owl (SOLD)

Bat (FOR SALE:  $18)

Vintage Cat (SOLD)

Ghost (SOLD)

Moon  (SOLD)

Owl, Bat, and Rat Ornaments (SOLD)

Pumpkins, Ghost, and Cat Ornaments (SOLD)

Pumpkin Ornaments (SOLD)

Fox (SOLD)

Juggling Jack-o-Lantern (SOLD)

Spider (SOLD)

Orange Owl (SOLD)

Mummy (SOLD)

Squirrel (SOLD)

Crow (SOLD)

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